• Laundry Services with a Fresh Twist

    Newly remodel for cleaner facility, brighter with green eco LED lighting, cooler in summer with new air conditioning replaced.

    Only local Laundromat with 75lbs and 80lls washer machine.

    Safest place in the neighbor with fully man security patrol from dawn to dusk.

    Newest security camera system with 1080P megapixels, fully record high definition video in real time.

    Indoor children playground, keep your kid busy while you do your laundry.

    *** Added new 2016, Kola diaper changing station, more easier for young children mother.

  • Our Self-Service Laundry Pricing

    Load Price
    20 Double load 18lb washer machine at $1.25
    12 Triple Load (25lb) washer machine at $2.00
    11 Mega Load (40lb) washer machine at $2.75
    5 Maxi Load (50lb) washer machine at $3.50
    2 Giant Load (75lb) washer machine at $5.50
  • We've got everything you need:

    • Modern self-service laundry with state-of-the-art washer and dryer machines
    • Large-capacity machines for comforters, sleeping bags, dog beds, etc.
    • Friendly on-site staff for laundry assistance
    • Free wifi service
    • Big screen TV
    • Free parking
    • Security cameras in use for your protection and safety.
    • Man patrol security guard all day long from open to closing.
  • Ozone cleaner

    First happen in the whole nation laundromat

    Project to keep our laundry highest sanitizer, new ozone cleaner will run nightly to disinfection the whole store, include washer dryer, will post when we finishing the installation.