• Frequently Asked Questions

    Some popular question, send us any complaint or question to info@royalcoinlaundry.com

  • Q - Do you sell laundry supply?

    A - We do have vended soup center, also customer can purchase affordable soap, bleach and softener at the attendant office.

    Q - Change machine available?

    A - We do have high capacity change machine inside the laundromat. Also our attendant can make change from large bill to smaller one.

    Q - Do you have ATM machine?

    A - Sorry we do not have ATM machine, but our next door neighbor store have ATM machine.

    Q - Do you take credit card?

    A - We take credit debit card for laundry supply, future we can take credit card for washer machine.

    Q - Restroom available for customer?

    A - We do have very clean restroom for our customer only, it lock all the time, so just ask out attendant to open.

    Q - How long it take for the washer and dryer cycle?

    A - Normally washer machine may run from 30 minuted to 45 minutes, depend on which cycle customer choosing, also the dryer time from 20 minutes to 60 minutes, depend on light fabric or thicker one.

    Q - Do you have WIFI n the store?

    A - We will provide free WIFI for customer.

    Q - What happen if we deposit money and the machine not start?

    A - Just press button at help station, our attendant is happy to move your cloth to next available machine, we will deposit and start machine at no additional cost to you.

    Q - How safe your location?

    A - We try to invest heavily on new high definition CCTV system, the first 360 degree megapixels install in laundromat in DFW area (if not in the country), also our shopping center has security golf cart patrol all day long, from opening to closing time.

    Q - Why closing at 11 PM and last wash at 10 PM?

    A - It take about 1 hour to complete your laundry, so we need to stop all washer at 10 PM, so our attendant can closing the store on time at 11 PM.

    Q - What happen when we still have too many quarter, can we exchange back to bill?

    A - Just find our attendant, we will help you out.

    Q - Do you have anything for children?

    A - We are family oriented laundromat, we have some arcade machine for teenager, play ground for toddler with 1" thick floor foam.

    Q - Can we eat in the laundromat?

    A - Sure we have chair with individual table, you can bring your own lunch, dinner or buy them from our vended machine, including ice cream treat.

    Thank you for your business.